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Barrington Children’s Choir

The founding of the Barrington Children’s Choir was the realization of a vision cherished throughout the career of Founding Artistic Director, Peggy Crawford: uniting the purity and simplicity of children’s voices with the finest traditional and contemporary choral music.

Established in 1986, the Barrington Children’s Choir (BCC) is currently comprised of over one hundred thirty choristers, in grades two through twelve, from many suburban communities. The following training is offered:

  • Grace Notes – grades two through four, designed to inspire the youngest voices to sing with beauty while laying the foundation for continued choral training.
  • Prelude – grades three through seven, training and performing choir designed to prepare choristers for Chamber Choir.
  • Chamber Choir – grades six through twelve, primary performing choir, most experienced and focused choristers.
  • Bel Canto Choir – elite ensemble open to any chorister grades nine through twelve.
  • AcaBellas – auditioned acapella group, select members grades eight through twelve.

Each choir rehearses weekly, performs at the annual Winter & Spring concerts and performs at numerous civic, church and corporate events. The choirs typically tour every other year. The Chamber Choir participates in both domestic & international festivals, while the Prelude Choir travels domestically.

The organization is managed by a staff of choral directors & accompanists, an Administrative Director, and a Board of Directors that manage a high level of parental involvement which focuses on volunteerism and fundraising events.